The Process

From Meeting to Plaster

The following stages are essential to your pool’s construction process. As your pool is built, we will continue to listen to any concerns or changes you have. The building process can take as few as 30 days but more complex projects with resort like features will take longer.

Initial Meeting

After speaking with you directly, St. Croix Pools will set up a time to come out to ​your home and discuss your plans for your pool and outdoor living space.

​Photos and measurements will be taken, and we will discuss the best possible placement for your project.

**Please have a copy of your survey ready so we are aware of any easements.**


Once the initial meeting has taken place, our designer will create a beautiful backyard paradise fitting the criteria you specified.

After having detailed conversations with you, we come to an approved conclusion and design thus beginning your pool project’s construction.


This is the beginning of building your pool! Most pool layouts take a few hours!

We layout your pool roughly 4 days in advance so you have PLENTY of time to visualize and decide if this is what you would like to go with as far as placement.


Excavating your pool takes approximately one full day’s work.

Most of the dirt will be removed during this stage unless discussed prior with St. Croix Pools.


Placing the steel reinforcements takes approximately one full day’s work.

It is important that exact measures are taken to reinforce your swimming pool. ​When steel is complete, it will look like the steps are missing; they will be added during the gunite phase.


Once the steel has been placed, the plumbing is installed. This ​is meticulously laid out to the exact
design of your pool for proper function and easy care.

The purpose of this stage is to get some of the plumbing put in your pool so later on our skilled plumbing crew can easily install pipes and connect them to your equipment pad.


The gunite phase takes only 1 day for application and needs up to 28 days to fully cure. During this time, the homeowner is responsible for ‘watering’ their pool 3 times per day.

Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement. The gunite is applied using special gunite trucks. These trucks spray the gunite mixture through a hose and the trained workers craft your pool shell.

Long Plumbing

During this stage, our skilled sub-contractors link pipes and test water pressure many times to ensure everything works perfectly.

Long plumbing takes meticulous work and we have only the finest plumbers to work on our job sites.


Our licensed electricians wire your pool up to St. Croix Pools’ quality standards to ensure full compatibility with your household.

Tile & Coping

During tile and coping installation, our skilled craftsmen take their time using intricate detail to apply the tile and coping of your choice.

This is also when water features and rails are veneered.


You have several options to choose from when it comes to ‘decking out’ your pool:

​Spray deck, Exposed Aggregate, Patterned Concrete, Natural Stone and Paver Deck are just a few of the options to choose from


Plastering is the final stage of your pool’s construction and takes 1-3 days to complete. Plaster is a smooth, waterproof material. After the plaster is applied, we leave the pool filling with your water supply.

DO NOT STOP the water from filling your pool until it has reach the center of your tile. A stain or ring may form on the pool plaster surface where the water was stopped.

Pool & Spa Design

We design, build and service luxury style pools that suit your needs and budget. Each customer is unique and our goal is construct your ideal pool and spa area for the ultimate relaxation. 


Outdoor Living

From outdoor kitchens to pergolas, pavillions, and fencing, we are here to make your backyard paradise a reality. Let our designers WOW you with an outdoor space that was once just a dream! 



We do more than just your typical pool! We can transform the surrounding areas of your pool with beautiful landscaping that leverages the natural surroundings and complements your pool perfectly. 


Equipment Repair

We can help with minor problems such as skimmer repair or valve replacement all the way up to major problems such as leaks, green pool water, or overhauling your equipment. Our experts have your back!


Pool Service

We have trained technicians who can visit weekly and take the stress out of owning a pool. We skim, brush, and vacuum your pool, empty out skimmer baskets and inspect for any potential problems.


"After getting frustrated from getting the run around from other local pool companies here in The Woodlands we were glad to find St. Croix Custom Pools. The honesty and integrity in which they conduct themselves is unparalleled."

​- Jim P.

Their ability to take the vision my wife and I had in our minds and make it into our own backyard paradise was truly amazing. In fact, their attention to detail surpassed our expectations.

​- John S.

It was a pleasure to work with St. Croix Pools team. They not only did excellent work, but stayed on schedule which is very rare for construction work. We would recommend this company to anyone wishing to create the perfect pool setting.

​- Eric E.