With Texas temperatures warming up, we’re going in peak swimming pool time.

Whether you’re taking into consideration constructing a brand new pool or merely servicing your existing retreat, saving money is (just about) as refreshing as a swim.

Explore how to swim in your pool without running through too much of your savings with these suggestions:


Setting up your swimming pool may be the greatest upfront investment, but savvy property owners can find approaches to save.

1) Pick the Perfect Size

You don’t require a huge pool to enjoy its perks, primarily if the most frequent end users will also be smaller in size (kids). The bigger the pool indicates the larger the charge– not just for building and construction but additionally for pumps, filtering system, chemicals, and power used– so be practical when choosing measurements. A 20-foot swimming pool can bring plenty of delight.

2) Begin with a Baseline in Mind

Savor your beginner swimming pool today and soon after bring in more features in the long-run. Pools are a fantastic mobile home enhancement project. Skipping on the extras like water features, spas, slides and color-changing light fixtures will conserve some on the expenses side, and you can generally include them later on.

3) Choose Simple Yet Long Lasting Materials

Try to keep your tiles and appearances practical instead of sensational. Fiberglass swimming pools are likewise an economical and sturdy alternative to the well-known but expensive Gunite foundation.

4) Hold off on Seasonal Necessities at First

You most likely won’t need a heating system or a swimming pool cover till summer is over. Defer those costs until vital.

5) Research Your Possibilities

Do your research and get price quote from at the very least three experienced specialists. Validate quality of past services, testimonials and referrals, and insurance and extended warranty.


You can help keep ongoing expenses modest by being resourceful about swimming pool maintenance.

6. Skim and Clean Frequently

Build-up can not merely mess up a perfect dip but additionally ruin a swimming pool’s continued health. Skim leaves and other fragments off the top everyday for those evident nuisances. Less noticeable are your swimming pool walls and tiles. Wash those clean every other week or so to stop algae accumulation, which can threaten your swimming pool’s filtering process and pH balance. In the event that your filtration system is working harder on algae and other contamination, it is going to also amplify your energy costs. We offer weekly pool cleaning services to keep your pool in tip top shape.

7. Keep an Eye on Your Filter System

Your filters are like your swimming pool’s kidneys. Helping keep your filter system clean is vital to sustaining a healthy pool, but be careful to look for the best balance around cleaning and overcleaning (which effectively reduces filter efficiency). Clear out your filter container at least once a week, and clean out the filter system pipelines one time a month.

8. Attempt Hacks with Household Objects

Some products you presently have in your home may essentially be hidden tools for your pool maintenance. A tennis ball is an entertaining pool toy for enjoying catch, however the ball’s threads can also help take in oils left behind from swimmers. Experiencing alkalinity issues? Normal baking soda is an effective variation of the sodium bicarbonate suggested especially for swimming pools.

9. Use a Pool Cover During Chillier Seasons

Swimming pool covers are a simple purchase and quick and easy step. Covers decrease water loss, which helps keep your swimming pool naturally warmer and reduces heater needs. For even more energy cost savings, take into account a solar pool cover that takes advantage of the sun’s beams for your swimming pool warmth.

10. Avoid Glass at the Swimming Pool

Beverages are a great swimming pool addition, but stay away from any poolside glass vessels. Broken glass in the swimming pool will call for you to do significant vacuuming or even totally drain and re-fill the pool.

Should you require the services of trained professionals, our experienced team here at St. Croix Custom Pools can help. No job is too big or too small. We are here to make your pool dreams a reality.