Closed-Pool-ISTOCK Winter is here and so is the harsh weather. From snow to ice to sleet to rain, not to mention dropping temperatures, winter weather can put a lot of pressure on your pool cover. So how do you keep it protected during this time? Here are some helpful tips that can keep your winter pool cover in the best shape and in top performance.
  • Keep ice and water at bay. Every once and awhile, Mother Nature throws us a “warmer” day during winter and the ice melts. This is a perfect time to pump water from the top of the cover to prevent further icing. It’s not typically a good idea to try and remove ice because pieces can become jagged and sharp and have the potential to cause holes and gashes in the cover.
  • Protect it against wind. Heavy winds and rain are notorious for blowing pool covers off and away, as well as getting shredded. Once your cover is secured, thanks for a professional closing from your service tech, be sure to add about an inch of water to the top throughout, as this is just enough to keep the cover held in place.
  • Keep leaves and branches away. When it’s time to open the pool come spring, service techs can find some unwelcome holes in the cover thanks to loose leaves and tree branch debris.
The best way to protect against this potential threat is to do two things: first, trim any overhanging or dead tree limbs that have the ability to fall during the right windy or snowing weather. Second, install a pool leaf net that can be easily installed above your cover. They are made from mesh so the water can drain through but the leaves and branches are kept away from your cover. To build your new pool and spa, contact The Woodlands Pool Builder, St. Croix Custom Pools for a free consultation. For more health and wellness tips, check out our blog or find us on facebook. St. Croix Custom Pools is a custom pool builder in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, TX and the surrounding areas. St. Croix Custom Pools specializes in designing and building custom outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, covered patios, etc… that are turnkey and designed to look like they were part of the original structure.