Pool-Filter-300x200Think of the pool filter like a filter in a vacuum, if it's all clogged and dirty, efficiency will go down and things won't get sucked up. But unlike a vacuum, this is a more costly fix should something not work, so keeping the pool filter clean is one of the most effective ways that your pool will operate at it's best. The most common type of pool filter is a cartridge filter and keeping it clean is relatively easy. When it's time for a cleaning, grab the hose, gently remove the filter and start washing — but not harshly, a gentle stream will do. If you spray the filter with a high pressure nozzle you can cause damage, ultimately having to buy yourself a new filter because the debris will either furrow itself deeper in the cartridge or you'll tear or damage the filter. There are cleaning solutions available for cleaning the filter, as well. Many of these solutions require the filter to soak in it for maximum benefit, so make sure to rinse off the solution after you've allowed it to soak. If you still notice that the pool is not functioning at its best after you routinely clean your filter, it might be time for a new one. Depending on how old your filter is, there are better, more efficient ones on the market. To build your new pool and spa or add a new slide to your existing pool, contact your The Woodlands Pool Builder, St. Croix Custom Pools for a free consultation. For more pool maintenance tips, check out our blog or find us on facebook. St. Croix Custom Pools is a custom pool builder in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, TX and the surrounding areas. St. Croix Custom Pools specializes in designing and building custom outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, covered patios, etc… that are turnkey and designed to look like they were part of the original structure.