Energy-Efficient-PoolsWhether you are into eco-friendly trends or just trying to save a few dollars, keeping your pool energy efficient is a great way to achieve both. There are a few things you can do as a pool owner to keep your energy consumption down and pocketbook balance up. An energy-efficient pump is a great way to reduce the amount of electricity you use when operating your pool. A key thing to look for in an energy-efficient pump is one with a timer so you can control how much you operate your pool. A pump that features variable speeds is also a great way to control how much energy your pump uses. Adding a pool cover is also a great way to keep the pool energy efficient. It keeps heat in and prevents evaporation, as well as keeps the kids safe. There are a variety of covers on the market, so find one that works best for your type of pool. Keeping your filter clean also keeps the pool energy efficient because the dirtier your filter is the harder it has to work and the more energy you use. Make sure to follow manufacturer instruction to ensure the filter works at its peak levels. Lastly, heating the pool plays a pivotal role in your pool's energy efficiency. If you maintain the pool's temperature above 78 degrees, you can run up the pool's operating cost 10 percent for every degree increase, according to the Red Cross. (If you enjoy warm water, then consider a solar cover for less expensive heating costs.) For more pool maintenance tips and or information about having an energy efficient pool, contact St. Croix Custom Pools, your Houston Pool Builder and we can tell you about our energy efficient Pentair Pool Products.