Rain-in-a-pool-ISTOCK-300x225 Rain plays an ugly hand in keeping pool water clean, and understanding how it affects the water will help you be better at keeping your chemistry in check.
  • Since the chemicals are in balance based on the amount of water you already have in your pool, additional rain water will through that off and dilute the chemicals present. The first step in getting things back to normal after a rainstorm is to shock the pool.
  • Rainwater is a carrier for pollution and bacteria; contaminates known for wreaking havoc on your chorine levels. Even though your chemicals will attack those contaminates, extended periods of rain can wipe our residual chlorine levels and create an unwelcoming swimming environment.
  • If your pH levels is off then everything will be off. Your pH level is the core of a clean pool. After it rains, test your pH level and get it balanced as soon as possible. If it is unbalanced, it will affect every other chemical in the pool.
  • Once it rains, the rainwater will immediately begin decreasing the chlorine levels, so if you have a chlorinator, run it during the storm to keep up with the lost chlorine. If you don’t have a chlorinator, check the water as soon as you can to begin getting the levels to where they need to be again.
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