About Us

At St.Croix, we don’t believe one pool fits all backyards. Instead we build custom pools to match your lifestyle needs and complement the style of your property. It all starts with the right design. We build every project as though it was our own and take great pride in our ability to ensure quality construction of your project. It’s this commitment to personalized service and superior quality that prompted the creation of St. Croix Pools.

We started St. Croix after a poor experience having our own family pool built. This experience showed us the serious need for a local pool company that builds high-quality pools while providing excellent customer service. It also gave us a strong insight into where many pool companies go wrong. The simple goal of providing a better option has driven us ever since, and it’s what has driven us to create a pool company with unparalleled excellence and customer service.

Your Partner in Backyard Renovation

We view communication with our clients as absolutely essential to both their satisfaction and the quality of the final project. We understand that building or remodeling a pool is often a very big project, and most people have never been involved in such a big project. You want to understand what’s going on in your backyard – the timeline, when we’ll be there, whether the project is on schedule. We keep clients abreast of all new developments. We also maintain open lines of communication so that you can tell us about any changes you’d like to make as the project goes on.

Tailor Made Pools for Unique Spaces!

At St. Croix Pools, we value quality over quantity. Our goal isn’t to pump out as many cookie cutter pools as possible. Instead, we stick to a reasonable amount of projects that we focus intensely on. This allows us to create beautiful, original designs for each pool and backyard. It also allows us to provide on-the-spot, personalized customer service to each and every client. Whether you need pool construction, maintenance or any other pool service for your Houston area home, we are ready to help.