As summer is quickly approaching, you’re likely excited about spending the upcoming months enjoying the relaxation of your inground pool. But at this current moment, you might also be dreading the tasks needed to get your pool back up and running smoothly for the new season. 

Have no fear because in today’s post we are going to be sharing with you the 7 simple steps to a stress-free pool opening. 

1 – Drain and Clean Off Pool Cover

Before we simply pull off the cover and jump right in, it’s important to first clear off any water or debris that has collected on top of the pool cover. After the long winter months and days of precipitation, it is important to follow this step in order to ensure less debris ends up in your actual pool. This will help you avoid quite the mess! 

2- Remove and Store Pool Cover

Next you want to enlist the help of a friend in order to pull the pool cover off completely. It is fine if a small amount of debris falls in as you will be skimming and cleaning in future steps. You also want to ensure that the cover is clean and dry before storing it for the summer. You do not want to be surprised by mold when the fall hits and you need to put the cover back on the pool. 

3 – Raise the Water Back to Its Normal Level 

Every pool has a recommended water level. For most pools, this is about halfway up the tile or at the middle of the skimmer. You will want to use your garden hose to top it off and make sure that the water level is at its optimum point. 

4 – Reconnect and Run Your Pool Equipment 

If you disconnected various parts of your equipment in order to get it ready for winter, this is when you want to start reconnecting those parts. This includes parts such as the pool filter, heater, drain plus, return valve fittings and more. Once everything is reconnected, you can not turn the system back on. Just be sure to do a simple check and be sure that there are no leaks and everything is running properly. 

5 – Clean and Vacuum the Pool as Necessary 

Once the system is running smoothly, it is a good idea to vacuum any debris that has fallen to the bottom of the pool and skim any along the surface. It is also a great time to brush down the walls to get your pool in tip top shape for the summer months. 

6 – Test Your Pool Chemistry 

Before any jumps in to cool down, you want to verify that the pool chemistry is correct. If the bottom of your pool is not visible upon taking the cover off, extra shock will be necessary to chlorinate and clear the pool. Use a kit to verify the pH level of your pool and add chemicals as necessary. You will be looking at pH, Total Alkalinity, and Chlorine levels. It is best to run this test after the circulation system has been running for a few hours. 

7 – Hire a Pool Cleaning Service for Consistent Upkeep

If you want to take the hassle and stress out of owning your pool, you might want to consider hiring a weekly pool service to keep your pool clean and maintain proper chemical levels. This allows you to truly enjoy the full experience of owning a pool and allows you to focus on fun and relaxation over the work involved. 

Owning a pool can be such an exciting and fun adventure, especially during the summer months. Keeping them running properly and smoothly is essential to enjoying that fun for years to come. Proper care now means that your pool will last for a much longer time. Our team at St. Croix Custom Pools has experienced pool builders in the Woodlands, TX ready and available to answer all of your pool ownership needs. We are here to make this process the best experience for you so that you can focus on creating memories to last a lifetime. Cheers to pool opening season!